My photography has been lacking consistency so this project will simply require me to upload one finished image a week for 2018. Only restrictions will be; must be shot in the last fortnight and cropped to 16:9. The project will, imaginatively, be known as '52'. Simon
Week 47: A wee bit of Autumn. It seems like this might be a nice place to live.
Week 46: Visited Loch Ard with my friends. Almost everyone with a camera walked over and took this shot before leaving. I didn't want to feel like I was missing something so I had a go too.
Week 45: Taken later on the same day as the image below. The snow line was just above the village, this shot was taken a 15 min drive away. The mountains around here don't look particularly high but that's just because we're already standing at 1100 metres.
Week 44: A gorgeous Norwegian morning. 
Week 43: Keeping a fire is a big part of the Norwegian life style and was one of my favourite things while I was there. I love chopping wood. This photo was taken moments before I gave myself a souvenir wound that will forever remind me of this wonderful country.
Week 42: My first day in Norway and the first thing I photograph is a sheep. This is actually the 4th photo I took of this sheep which explains the concerned look on it's face.
Week 41: Another shot from last weekends experiment at photographing people. I like this photo but I feel guilty for taking it without asking, however if I had asked first then the shot would have passed. Such duality *sigh* I guess I just need to toughen up.
Week 40: First outing with, what was my dream camera but is now my very own, Fujifilm X100F. It's amazing and I love it. This dog is also awesome.
Week 39: People at the top of Goatfell. I'm only just starting to discover the joy of photographing people. I enjoy that everyone here is involved in doing their own thing and celebrating reaching the peak in their own way.
Week 38: Climbed Goatfell on Arran for the first time. After pondering the wonderful vista before me for many minutes I decided to ignore all of that and photograph this mound of rock instead.
Week 37: Climbing Craigengower hill with Dad and Quentin. The tiny village of Straiton is seen in the background.
Week 36: Quentin's birthday. I got him a woopie cushion and a bubble wand.
Weeks 33, 34 and 35: There has been a lot going on so I haven't take any photos of value during this period. I packed all my cameras away so they were safe during all the rearranging made necessary by the arrival of Janice's belonging. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Below are two photos I took on my Iphone during this period. On the left a selfie with my new feline friend and on the right the pinhole projection effect created by the small chink in my blackout blind. Normal service will resume on week 36.
Week 32: WIth Janice in the Shoetree cafe. Our last Newcastle Brunch before she leaves for a year in Norway.
Week 31: I bought a full spectrum camera for a project I'm working on. For now I'm just messing about to find it's limitations. Here you see Janice being spooky in infrared.
Week 30: The morning of the Dumfries gig and the band decided they wanted a swim in the sea before heading through for the sound check. Gutted I wasn't able to keep the focus on the dog as he ran towards me but I enjoyed the paddle.
Week 29: Acting as a roadie for Balter this week as they do a few Scottish dates on their 2018 tour. This is them killing it in the packed Tayvalich village hall.
Week 28: Visiting my family as they holiday'd in Plockton and using it as an excuse to get in a long training run in the hills. 8am and this is me on the edge of the cloud line. This was such an invigorating run, I didn't another soul the whole time and I returned home in a very philosophical mood.
Week 27: Minnehaha Falls, Georgia. We took an exciting detour while driving between Asheville, NC and Atlanta, GA to visit these falls that I had heard about from Evan Ranft on youtube. He neglected to mention that I would be taking the hire car off-roading but it was totally worth it to visit a beautiful, relatively tourist free set of falls.
Week 26: Possibly one of the most nerve wracking photos of my career to date - the conference group shot. Luckily they were a great bunch of kids and made my life very easy. Technology saved me on this day, lesson learned: always check your ISO when setting up a shot.
Week 25: Sitting at the airport waiting for my plane to fill this space. This is the first leg; London to Boston.
Week 24: Lyme Park, Manchester. Visited my sister before heading to the states for a conference/holiday. I was first finisher at Lyme Park Parkrun this morning. We ran along this very path but I was too busy watching my footing and missed the view. I insisted we climb it again before leaving so I could take it in properly.
Week 23: Cheating slightly this week as, clearly I'm in this photo, and didn't take it myself. Photo credit goes to Janice on this one. I submitted my dissertation this week so no time for photography. I'm celebrating completing the writing by visiting Andrew in Edinburgh and wearing my kilt.
Week 22: The weeks are flying by. In Edinburgh this weekend and I left my camera at home because I thought it was going to be heavy rain. The rain never materialised and the Iphone was pressed into service again for this weeks photo.
Week 21: Another Iphone image this week. Taken in the Edinburgh Meadows as we made our way to our relay points for the Edinburgh Marathon. This har hung over the city for most of the day. The rest of the country were sun bathing while we were using space blankets to keep warm. 
Week 20: Shooting with the Iphone SE again this week. We road tripped to and from Cambridge and visited lots of service stations on the way. They aren't the most glamorous locations but the peace after the constant hum of the road makes them somewhat alluring.
Week 19: The weather has turned nice and there's loads of photos to be had, it was a tough choice for a photo this week. After some deliberation I decided this image best captures the atmosphere in the garden right now. 
Week 18: Taken on iphone SE at the start of a long run in the hils. The trail took me up the left side of the Glen into the trees and cloud. I couldn't see much of the view but the serenity of running through the clouds was absolutely magical.
Week 17: A "snapshot" taken on my way to work. Nothing fancy but I find the image to be strangely compelling.
Week 16: Self portrait
Week 15: Dropped by Pollok house whilst out scouting for city night shot locations. You used to be able to get down next to the Mill buildings, this is probably the only view of them without safety fencing in the shot.
Week 14: Testing out the new adobe RAW profiles that were released this week. Applied 'Modern 04', which I quite like, and made a few tone curve adjustments in Lightroom Classic. What we're looking at here is the workbench in Gerry's shed.
Week 13: Inside the jewellery workshop at the Glamorous Owl in Newcastle. We made silver rings. The scariest part was wielding that blowtorch you can see on the table.
Week 12: Taken with my Iphone SE while I waited on my train to Lochwinnoch. It was a beautiful morning and the station was looking magic.
Week 11: A daffodil. I don't like photographing yellow flowers so I made it monotone with a gentle tone.
Week 10: Took a walk through Jesmond Dene with Janice. Never tried a long exposure of water before and didn't have a tripod so I placed the camera on the side of the bridge and hoped for the best. Managed 2secs @ f/11, iso 80 with built in +3 ND filter.
Week 9 - Taken on Girvan seafront during a 1 hour photowalk. For this walk I chose the Canon 5D with the 50mm 1.8. It was a beautiful day but still biting cold.
Week 8: Turning my wee nephew into a poser. Glasses provided by Mum. Some slight retouching in photoshop but mostly to remove chocolate milkshake from his face.
Week 7: Continuing the reflections theme with another experiment. Taken at Chillingham road metro station with the Sony RX100III. Toned with a film LUT in Photoshop CC.
Week 6: On my way to Newcastle and the train stopped at Haymarket. I've been thinking about reflections and having fore, mid and background elements. I like the colours most of all.
Week 5: A short photowalk in Rosshall Gardens this week. I limit myself to one lens. I took my olympus 45mm (90mm equiv). I found this thorny creeper sneaking it's way into one of the grotto cave sections that have been built around the park.
Week 4: Been in Keswick this week. We braved the weather one afternoon to visit Castlerigg Stone Circle situated just outside the town. 
Week 3: It's been a cold, wintery week here in GLasgow. The train provides respite from the skating rink pavements and provides a rare opportunity to remove my gloves.
Week 2: My Canonet 28 with Photopia range finder. One of the best looking cameras in my collection, It's patiently waiting on repair and refurbishment. Sadly there's a bit of fungus in the lens so it'll never regain it's peak performance but I'm still looking forward to putting some film though it in the near future.
Week 1 - St Mary's lighthouse, Whitely Bay.
A starter for inspiration. Taken January 2017 and given a film grade in December 2017 to see what happened.
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